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Hashtag or word search and replace



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    Dmitry Paranyushkin

    Hi William,

    Could you please clarify what you had in mind? 

    You need to be able to choose a certain word and rename it, so that it appears differently?

    If so, it's a feature that we just implemented. There is now a Synonyms list that enables you to do that as well as a new interface control element on the actual graph.

    I'm going to make a help article on that and post it here.

  • Dmitry Paranyushkin

    Here's the help article on replacing all instances of a word with another word in the graph:

  • Sussu Laaksonen

    When I merge hashtags, they all disappear from the graph, including the new topic. When I create synonyms, they are merged randomly into one of the words, not the most useful one.

    My language is Finnish, and we use word endings. So uusi, uuden, uudelle, uudelta, uudessa all have the same meaning "new" but the word appears differently depending on context. If I can't combine synonyms in a simple and intuitive way (or have it happen automagically), I can't use the charts.

  • Dmitry Paranyushkin

    Hi Sussu, ok, we will work on this functionality and also see if we can include Finnish language into our software!


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