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Future Cones


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    Dmitry Paranyushkin

    Great idea.

    Future Cones divide future into various segments that range from the most plausible to the least plausible ones. You could have, say, 4 different futures: Projected, Preferable, Plausible, Preposterous. 

    Now, you would just need to divide your textual data into these four categories. For instance, you could make a Google spreadsheet document where you use the rows to describe different ideas about the future. And you use the second column to rate that future as one of the 4 types above.

    Then you import it into InfraNodus using CSV import app and choose the column with your predictions as the column to analyze and the other column, with the type of the future, as the filtering column. 

    Then you'd be able to see the graph for the "Preferred" future, for instance, and see how it's different from the "Plausible" one for instance. 

    Of course, you could also add another column with time series and then add this extra parameter into your analysis as well. 


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