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Infranodus API



  • Official comment
    Dmitry Paranyushkin

    Hello everyone! You can learn more about API access on

  • Shanelle Recheta

    Agree with this - for industry specific use cases of infranodus, users could custom-build the feature requests that Nodus Labs haven't executed yet and start using those, getting feedback and data, on their own apps.

    Two approaches -

    expose the API for the more technical users,

    expose the user's data on an Infranodus-managed data warehouse (let user pay a Data Warehouse subscription fee on top of Infranodus subscription fee), e.g. their data on BigQuery.


  • Dmitry Paranyushkin

    Dear Edu and Shanelle,

    We are happy to announce that with the new upgrade of InfraNodus we are now also working on implementing the API functionality, which should be available by this summer.

    While we're working on exposing our API, it would be great to know from you what functionalities you would be interested in. So if you have any ideas, please, let us know!

  • 박경배

    Hello Dmitri:

    I am a paid user for InfraNodus over the web. But I was wondering if the API is ready to use since it was mentioned that was available by last summer.

    Thanks in advance!!


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