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Has anyone tried using Infranodus for genealogy?



  • Official comment
    Dmitry Paranyushkin

    Hi Stuart Cliffe and MIG Business — this is indeed a very interesting use case and we just had an update that may allow one to draw a genealogy tree. 

    What you could do is to prepare a spreadsheet (CSV file) where you would list the relationships in the columns. So, for instance, 

    From | To
    Mother | Son
    Father | Son
    Grandfather | Mother
    Grandmother | Mother

    and so on

    Once you list the relationships like this, you could then import that CSV file and visualize the social graph. 

    If you would like to try it out, you can send us your file (or any file) to and we could make a sample graph for you with clear instructions. 

  • MIG Business

    Just have asked the same question to support. Is it possible to draw genealogy tree? Or MLM network of affiliates?

  • Stuart Cliffe

    Sounds very interesting - thanks!  I'll start to sort my records into some sort of order; but just to be clear - could you create a template CSV line with the column headers and one example entry using the labels you quoted above?  I can import that into a spreadsheet and then populate the content by cutting and pasting from other sources. (I don't think there's an easier way to fill in the detail from the various family records I have.) 

    Using the details of Clarice Cliff (my only famous relative) from a Google search I get...

    From | To,Mother | Child,Father | Child,Grandfather | Mother,Grandmother | Mother
    20-01-1899 | 23-10-1972,Ann Machin | Clarice Cliff,Harry Thomas Cliff | Clarice Cliff,TBC | Ann Machin,Isaac Cliff | Harry Thomas Cliff

    ...there's a lot of repetition in that data that I can probably expedite with a relational database/ spreadsheet like Airtable,  and I wonder how the marriage/partner/siblings relationships fit in?  Clarice had a husband - Colley Shorter - who would have had a similar entry to the above,  plus four sisters and two brothers.  And of course there are generations above and below this one,  including mine!

    Any additional guidance you can supply will be immensely helpful - meantime I'll have a go at adding this sort of data to a social graph to see what results I get.

    Thanks for the guidance,  and thanks in advance for any further comment!




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