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Adding numbers into a text network graph


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    Dmitry Paranyushkin

    Currently you can represent numbers using #hashtags. So, for example, let's say you want to make a connection between 

    121283123 and 2191021 and 13092310

    You would then add a statement like this:

    #121283123 #2191021 #13092310

    Each hashtag becomes a graph.

    You could also write something inside the statement, the default setting is if the hashtags are present, the words are not visualized (so they become the description of the connection):

    these three IDs belong to the same group: #121283123 #2191021 #13092310

    If you want, you can change the setting in the Settings panel to "Visualize both Hashtags and Words". Then something like this:

    chromosome #22 

    Will add two nodes, chromosome and 22, into the graph and they will have a connection between them.


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